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Explore Quality Pet Grooming - The Best Pet Groomer Brandon FL Near You

A black French Bulldog sitting against a soft pink background, displaying its characteristic bat-like ears and deep, expressive eyes, suitable for a grooming session at a pet groomer in Brandon FL.

Are you a pet owner in Brandon seeking an exceptional pet groomer conveniently located near your favorite shopping destinations?

Look no further than Riverview Grooming, just 4 miles from the Brandon Mall. Our salon at 7441 US-301 STE 115 Riverview, FL 33578, seamlessly integrates convenience with superior pet care.

Whether planning a day of shopping or just running quick errands, you can count on our dedicated team of professional bathers and groomers to provide your beloved pet with a premium grooming experience. Our staff is passionate about delivering top-quality care that ensures your pet looks and feels great. Join the many satisfied Brandon residents who have made Riverview Grooming their go-to for all pet grooming needs!


A Yorkshire Terrier seated against a pastel turquoise background, featuring its distinctive long silky coat and perky ears, ideal for a stylish showcase at a pet groomer in Brandon FL.

Our Grooming Services: Tailored Care for Your Pet at Riverview Grooming

At Riverview Grooming, we pride ourselves on offering personalized grooming services designed to cater to your pet's unique needs. Whether you need quick service on a walk-in basis or a full grooming session, our skilled professionals are ready to provide top-quality care.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Walk-In Services: Ideal for busy pet owners, our walk-in services include nail trims and baths without needing an appointment. We offer nail trimming for all dog breeds and bath services tailored to large and long-haired medium breeds and small and medium short-haired breeds, ensuring that your pet’s specific needs are met efficiently.

  • Expert Haircut Services: Our groomers are experts in styling and comfort, providing everything from basic trims to complete makeovers. We ensure a luxurious grooming experience, using high-quality shampoos and conditioners to leave your pet’s coat soft, shiny, and tang-free.

  • Luxurious Bath Services: Treat your pet to a rejuvenating bath at our facility. Our bath services include a gentle shampoo, a thorough rinse, and a coat-smoothing conditioner, followed by a blow-dry and ear cleaning. This ensures your pet not only looks great but feels refreshed and happy.

Our commitment to quality and personalized care makes Riverview Grooming a preferred choice for pet owners in the Riverview and Brandon areas. Whether you’re dropping by for a quick service or looking for a full grooming session, we’re here to ensure your pet leaves looking and feeling their best.


How To Schedule

  • Select A Service

  • Select A Date

  • Select A Time

  • Enter Your Info

  • Confirm to Schedule

Rules For Booking

  • You must book an appointment for each dog.

  • Paw-pad, sanitary, and under eye trimming can be added to bath.

  • For any more haircutting, you must book a "Haircut or Maintenance."

  • Families with appointments at different times should arrive at the time of their earliest scheduled appointment.


A fluffy golden Pomeranian standing attentively on a soft turquoise background, exemplifying the breed's lush fur and alert expression, perfect for showcasing at a pet groomer in Brandon FL.

Seamlessly Blend Shopping and Pet Grooming at Riverview Grooming

Maximize your day by combining shopping and errands with a pet grooming session at Riverview Grooming. Situated just minutes from Brandon Mall, our location offers the perfect opportunity to make the most of your time while ensuring your pet receives top-quality care.

Here’s how you can turn a routine grooming visit into a productive day:

  • Drop Off Before Shopping: Plan to drop your pet off at our grooming salon before heading to the mall. While your pet enjoys a pampering session with our expert groomers, you can indulge in some retail therapy or a meal at one of the many eateries at Brandon Mall.

  • Lunch Break Convenience: If you prefer a midday grooming appointment, why not schedule it around your lunch? Drop your pet off with us, then head to the mall for a quick lunch. When you're done, your pet will be ready to go, looking fresh and fabulous.

  • End-of-Day Ease: After shopping, pick up your pet to find them groomed and happy, ready to head home with you. It's a great way to conclude your productive day with errands and pet care checked off your list.

Our strategic location and flexible scheduling make it easy for Brandon shoppers to manage their time effectively, ensuring you and your pet have a pleasant and stress-free experience.


The entrance of Westfield Mall in Brandon, FL, showing its modern architectural design with a large glass facade and red signage, a popular shopping destination near pet grooming services.

Effortless Errands: From Riverview Grooming to Brandon Mall

After dropping off your beloved pet at Riverview Grooming for a pampering session, please take advantage of our proximity to the Brandon Mall for a convenient errand or relaxing shopping spree. Located just a 12-minute drive, the mall is the perfect place to pass the time while your pet is groomed. Here’s the most straightforward route to get from our location at 7441 US-301 STE 115, Riverview, FL 33578, to the Brandon Mall:

  1. Start from Riverview Grooming at 7441 US-301 STE 115.

  2. Head north on US-301 for a short stretch to Gornto Lake Rd.

  3. Turn onto Gornto Lake Rd and follow it for approximately 4.1 miles until you reach Town Center Blvd in Brandon.

  4. Continue on Town Center Blvd to your destination at Brandon Mall, 459 Brandon Town Center Dr, Brandon, FL 33511.

This quick and direct route lets you easily fit a shopping trip into your day. Whether you're looking to shop, dine, or enjoy a stroll, Brandon Mall offers a variety of options to make the most of your time while waiting for your pet. Our convenient location makes managing your errands and pet grooming needs seamless, saving you time and enhancing your day.


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