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Riverview Grooming Trending Styles 2024: This Year's Popular Dog Cuts in Riverview, FL.

Riverview Grooming storefront with welcoming blue signage and images of happy dogs, inviting pet owners for grooming services.

Hello, Riverview pet parents! It's a fantastic 2024 here at Riverview Grooming, and we're thrilled to share the dog grooming styles that are winning hearts this year. Whether you're looking for a neat and tidy Yorkie All Over cut, a charming Shih Tzu Lamb Leg style, a huggable Goldendoodle Teddy Bear look, or even a refreshing Husky Furminator Blow Out, we've got the scoop on what's making tails wag around town. Join us as we dive into these popular cuts crafted with care in your neighborhood grooming spot. It's all about keeping our furry friends looking great and feeling loved!

Yorkie All Over: The Go-To Style for Your Energetic Companion

Yorkshire Terrier sporting a stylish 'Yorkie All Over' cut, perfectly groomed and adorned with a chic bow at Riverview Grooming.

Yorkshire Terriers, with their vibrant energy and silky coats, are the stars of our Riverview community. The "Yorkie All Over" cut has become a local favorite in 2024. This style is not just about looking good; it's about keeping your Yorkie comfortable, happy, and active.

  • A Practical and Stylish Cut: The Yorkie All Over provides a balanced length that's easy to maintain and perfect for Florida's climate. It's short enough to keep your Yorkie cool during our sunny days but long enough to retain its distinctive, elegant look.

  • Health and Comfort Benefits: This cut is especially beneficial for reducing matting and tangling in Yorkie's fine hair, making grooming sessions a breeze. It also allows for better skin ventilation, reducing the risk of skin irritations.

  • Care Tips: To keep your Yorkie looking fabulous, regular brushing is recommended to prevent knots. A monthly trim will help maintain the shape and length of this all-over style. And don't forget, Riverview Grooming is always here to provide that professional touch!

The Yorkie All Over cut is more than a style; it's a testament to the joy and vibrancy of our furry friends. It represents the practical, loving care Riverview Grooming stands for, ensuring our Yorkies are groomed and truly cherished.


Lamb Leg Cut: A Fluffy Favorite for Shih Tzus in Riverview

Adorable Shih Tzu showcasing the Lamb Leg cut, with fluffy legs and a neatly trimmed body, groomed at Riverview.

At Riverview Grooming, we've seen the Lamb Leg cut to become a trendsetter among Shih Tzu owners in 2024. It's a style that celebrates their playful nature and luxurious coats while keeping them comfortable and adorable.

  • Elegance with a Twist: The Lamb Leg cut artfully leaves the fur on the legs slightly longer, giving Shih Tzus that cute, 'fluffy-legged' look. It’s a whimsical twist that adds character while keeping the rest of the body neatly trimmed.

  • Benefits Beyond Beauty: This style is more than just charming – it’s practical. The shorter body fur makes it easier for your Shih Tzu to stay cool and comfortable, especially in the warmer months. The longer leg fur doesn't just look great; it also provides some protection against scratches and minor bumps during play.

  • Grooming and Care Tips: Regular brushing keeps those fluffy legs mat-free. To maintain the Lamb Leg style's unique look, we recommend using a soft bristle brush for daily grooming. For the body, a gentle comb-through every few days will keep it looking sharp. Regular visits to Riverview Grooming will keep this cut in perfect shape!

With the Lamb Leg cut, your Shih Tzu won’t just be another pet on the block; they’ll turn heads with their unique, playful style. It's a cut that captures the essence of fun and flair – something both you and your Shih Tzu will love.


Cute Goldendoodle with a Teddy Bear cut, featuring fluffy, evenly-trimmed fur, radiating joy at Riverview Grooming.

The Teddy Bear Cut: Goldendoodles' Cuddliest Choice in Riverview

This year, the Teddy Bear cut has become a sensational hit with Goldendoodle owners in Riverview. Known for its plush, cuddly appearance, this style truly showcases the Goldendoodle's delightful personality and gorgeous curls.

  • Adorably Plush Style: This cut is characterized by evenly trimmed fur that creates a round, teddy bear-like face, which is irresistibly cute. The body fur is kept at medium length to enhance that soft, fluffy look, perfect for snuggle sessions.

  • Benefits of the Teddy Bear Cut: Beyond its charming look, this style is a practical choice for Goldendoodles. It helps manage their often thick and curly coat, reducing matting and overheating, especially in Florida’s sunny climate. It’s a fantastic option for showcasing their coat's natural curls and waves.

  • Grooming and Maintenance Tips: Regular grooming is key to keeping your Goldendoodle's Teddy Bear cut looking its best. Brushing a few times a week helps prevent tangles and mats. A monthly trim will maintain the shape and length of this adorable style. And remember, our groomers at Riverview Grooming are here to keep your Goldendoodle-looking teddy bear perfect!

In 2024, the Teddy Bear cut isn’t just a grooming style; it’s a statement of love and care for your Goldendoodle, ensuring they're as happy and comfortable as they are cute.


Sleek Husky post Furminator Blow Out, showing off a smooth, well-groomed coat at Riverview Grooming.

Furminator Blow Out: The Ultimate Grooming Solution for Huskies in Riverview

For our Husky friends in Riverview, the Furminator Blow Out has become the go-to grooming technique in 2024. This method is a game-changer for managing the dense, double-layered coat of a Husky, especially during shedding season.

  • Revolutionary Grooming for Thick Coats: The Furminator Blow Out involves a deep and thorough brushing using specialized tools designed to reach Huskies' undercoats. This process significantly reduces shedding by removing loose fur and untangling mats, leaving your Husky's coat smooth and healthy.

  • Health and Comfort for Your Husky: Regular Furminator Blow Outs are not just about aesthetics; they are essential for your Husky's comfort and health. This method helps prevent overheating, which is crucial in our warm Florida climate. It also keeps their skin healthy by promoting better air circulation through the coat.

  • Maintenance and Care Tips: Regular brushing at home is recommended to maintain the benefits of a Furminator Blow Out. This will keep the coat in top condition between professional grooming sessions. Remember, Huskies' unique needs require special attention, and our team at Riverview Grooming is always ready to provide that expert care.

Embracing this grooming method shows a deep understanding and commitment to your Husky's well-being, ensuring they look great and feel fantastic all year round.


Charming Maltese with a Summer Cut, sporting a short, neat coat perfect for sunny Riverview days, at the grooming salon.

Summer Cut: The Ideal Style for Maltese in Sunny Riverview

As Riverview basks in the warmth of 2024, the Summer Cut has emerged as a preferred choice for Maltese grooming. This style is chic and incredibly suited to our sunny Florida weather, keeping your Maltese cool and comfortable.

  • A Breezy, Stylish Look: The Summer Cut involves trimming the Maltese's hair to a shorter length, typically around an inch, which is ideal for the hotter months. This cut gives your Maltese a fresh, tidy appearance while highlighting their playful and lively personality.

  • Benefits for Your Fluffy Friend: This style is a lifesaver during the warmer seasons, helping to prevent overheating in your Maltese. It also reduces the chances of matting and makes daily brushing much simpler. The Summer Cut is not just about convenience; it's about keeping your pet healthy and happy.

  • Grooming Tips for the Summer Cut: Maintaining this cut involves regular brushing to keep the coat smooth. While the shorter length means less frequent tangles, keeping up with routine grooming is still important. Regular baths with gentle shampoo will keep their coat clean and shiny. And, of course, Riverview Grooming is always here to help with expert advice and care.

Embrace the Summer Cut for your Maltese, a style that merges practicality with charm, ensuring your furry friends stay as cool as they look!


As our journey through the stylish cuts of 2024 comes to a close, we at Riverview Grooming want to extend a huge thank you to our Riverview pet parents. Your enthusiasm for these trendy styles and the love you show your pets inspire us daily. Remember, we’re always here to keep your furry family members looking fabulous and feeling loved.

Ready for your pet's next stylish look? Schedule your appointment easily online.

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