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Best Pet Grooming Gibsonton, FL | Dog Grooming Services Near Me

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A great experience, my baby was beautiful and her nails were very fragrant, I recommend it to the 💯- Anita Rosario

Why Gibsonton Chooses Riverview Grooming?

  • Just a short drive from Gibsonton, our salon in Riverview offers professional grooming services by experienced pet care specialists. Our team is trained to handle all breeds with the care and precision your pets deserve.

  • 5-Star Reviews: We're proud to have a high customer satisfaction rate, as shown by our positive reviews.

  • Whether your dog needs a basic wash, a full groom, or specialized skin care treatments, we have the facilities and expertise to accommodate. We use only high-quality, pet-safe products to ensure your pup's best results and comfort.

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My Mini Schnauzer is afraid of everything. He came out looking like a king.

-Migdalia Martinez

How To Schedule

  • Select A Service

  • Select A Date

  • Select A Time

  • Enter Your Info

  • Confirm to Schedule

Rules For Booking

  • You must book an appointment for each dog.

  • Paw-pad, sanitary, and under eye trimming can be added to bath.

  • For anymore haircutting, you must book a "Haircut or Maintenance"

  • Families with appointments at different times should arrive at the time of their earliest scheduled appointment.

An account is created when you schedule your first appointment. Returning? Click here to login.

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Dog Haircut Grooming Guides for Gibsonton Fl. 

  1. What are the typical costs for dog grooming in Gibsonton, FL?

    • The cost of dog grooming varies depending on factors like breed, size, and grooming services requested. Visit our prices page.

  2. How often should I have my dog groomed?

    • Grooming frequency depends on your dog's breed, coat type, and lifestyle. Most dogs should have a grooming session every 4-6 weeks. Riverview Grooming's team can help you establish a schedule that suits your pet's needs.

  3. What grooming services does Riverview Grooming offer?

    • Riverview Grooming provides comprehensive services, including baths, haircuts, nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, de-shedding treatments, and more. The team is equipped to handle various grooming needs to keep your dog looking and feeling their best.

  4. Are walk-in appointments available for dog grooming?

    • Riverview Grooming offers walk-in appointments for select services. However, booking in advance is recommended for full grooming sessions to ensure a convenient time slot.

  5. How long does a typical dog grooming session take?

    • The duration of a grooming session varies based on the services requested and your dog's size and coat condition. Generally, a full grooming session takes 2.5 to 3 hours. 

  6. Is Riverview Grooming experienced with specific dog breeds like Goldendoodles?

    • Riverview Grooming's experienced groomers are trained to work with various breeds, including Goldendoodle. They understand the unique grooming needs of different breeds and tailor their services accordingly.

  7. Does Riverview Grooming offer special services for senior or anxious dogs?

    • We take special care of seniors and anxious dogs, providing a calm, stress-free environment. Our staff uses gentle handling techniques and offers accommodations for a positive experience.

  8. How do I schedule a grooming appointment with Riverview Grooming?

    • You can schedule a grooming appointment through the website.

Riverview Dog Grooming

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