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Most appointments take 3 hours. Clients with multiple dogs and on weekends may take longer.


Indulge your furry friend with our premium haircut services! Our skilled groomers will pamper your pet with a luxurious shampoo and conditioning treatment, leaving their coat soft and silky. We'll give your pet a thorough brush-out to remove any tangles and mats, ensuring every inch of their coat looks sleek and smooth. Say goodbye to pesky overgrown nails and hello to well-groomed paws! We'll also clean their ears to perfection, leaving them fresh and odor-free. And the finishing touch? A fabulous full haircut that will leave your pet looking dashing and feeling fantastic! Treat your beloved companion to the ultimate grooming experience at Riverview Grooming today!

Haircut services include shampoo, conditioner, nail trimming, ear cleaning, brush-out, and full haircut.

4 Step Deep Clean Bath:

Tear Stain Reducing Face Wash

Experience a tear stain transformation! Gentle & effective, it keeps your pet's face fresh & clean. Bring out their natural beauty today!

Deodorizing  Shampoo

Revitalizing your furry friend's coat with our Deodorizing Shampoo! This powerful formula banishes odors, leaving them smelling fresh and clean. 

Color Enhancing Shampoo

Enhancing your dog's natural beauty with our Color-Enhancing Shampoo! This specialized formula revitalizes coat colors.

Deep Hydrating Conditioner

Revitalizing your dog's coat with our Deep Hydrating Conditioner! This nourishing formula deeply moisturizes, leaving their fur soft, shiny, and oh-so-huggable.

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* Basic package includes an all over cut 1 inch or shorter. An additional fee may apply for lamb legs, skirts, mo-hawks, and lengths over 1 inch. Highly matted dogs may be charged a special handling fee.


Medicated Shampoo

Flea Shampoo

FURMinator Shampoo

Tooth Brushing

Nail Grinding

Spa Package

Paw Pad Conditioner

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