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Multiple appointments are required for more than one dog. Bring all dogs in at first appointment time.

Returning Client

Paw-pad, sanitary, and under eye trimming can be added to bath services. For anymore haircutting, you must book a "Haircut or Maintenance".

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How do I log into my Riverview Grooming account? Enter your phone number or email to receive a verification code, which you can use to log in. Once logged in, you can easily schedule services, check appointment details, and manage your pet's information.


What if I forget my password? We will send you a verification code to that email or phone number, which you'll use to secure access to your account. This system ensures you don't need to remember a password, making your login experience secure and convenient.

Can I change my account details after logging in? You can either write your updated information in the message area when scheduling an appointment online or text us directly at (813) 677-8987, and we will update it. Alternatively, you can inform the receptionist of any changes during check-in at your next appointment.

How do I schedule a grooming appointment through my account? After logging in, click "Schedule Now," choose the service, select your dog's size, and pick a suitable time and date.

Can I view past grooming appointments in my account? After logging in, you can view your appointment history in the account dashboard.

Can I reschedule or cancel an appointment through my account? Yes, log in, select your appointment, and choose "Reschedule or cancel" to pick a new time or cancel the appointment.

How do I know if my appointment is confirmed? Once you book an appointment, you will receive a confirmation via email or text, and it will also be visible in your account.

Can I book multiple grooming appointments for different pets at once? You can schedule appointments for multiple pets, but each pet requires a separate booking.

How do I know if my preferred grooming time is available? Our online scheduler provides real-time availability, allowing you to choose the best time.

What is the cancellation policy for grooming appointments at Riverview Grooming? Our cancellation policy is straightforward – we ask our clients to cancel their appointments if they can't make it. This can easily be done through your account.

When should I bring my dogs if multiple appointments are scheduled for different times? Clients with multiple pets and appointments scheduled at different times, bring at least one pet at the time of the earliest appointment. 

Can I bring my pet in before thier grooming time? Yes, you can bring your pet in as early as 9 a.m., when we open.

If I need to change the date or time of my grooming appointment, how do I do this? Once you've logged into your account on our website and selected your appointment, choose the "Reschedule or Cancel" option to find a new time that works better for you.

How long do most grooming appointments take? The average duration is 2 to 3 hours. However, this can vary, especially on busy days, for appointments involving multiple dogs, and on weekends and holidays. Please consider these factors when scheduling your grooming session to ensure enough time is allocated for your pet's needs.

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