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Spa Package 

What's Included:

  • Nail Grinding: Smooth and well-maintained nails.

  • Tooth Brushing: Supports your pet’s oral health.

  • Paw Pad Conditioner: Keeps paws soft and healthy.


Treat your pet to the ultimate grooming experience with our Spa Package upgrade!



Upgrade Your Pet's Grooming Experience

Nail grinding ensures your pet's nails are trimmed and smoothed to prevent splitting and discomfort. This process reduces the risk of scratches on your floors and furniture while making walks more comfortable for your furry friend.


Tooth brushing is essential for maintaining your pet's oral hygiene. It helps prevent plaque buildup and reduces bad breath, ensuring your pet has a healthy and happy smile.

Paw pad conditioning nourishes and protects your pet's paws, preventing cracks and dryness. This treatment keeps their paws soft, resilient, and comfortable, especially for pets that walk on rough surfaces.

A Pit Bull Terrier, showcasing a friendly demeanor and shiny coat against a purple background. Choose "Riverview Grooming," the premier pet groomer for professional dog grooming.
 A cheerful Shih Tzu with a well-maintained coat poses against a turquoise backdrop. Trust "Riverview Grooming," the leading pet groomer for all your dog grooming needs.
An Australian Shepherd with mismatched eyes and a vibrant smile poses against a blue background. "Riverview Grooming," your trusted dog groomer for quality grooming services.
A Siberian Husky with striking blue eyes and a pristine coat beams with joy against a pink backdrop. "Riverview Grooming," a dog groomer that provides exceptional pet grooming services for all breeds.

Indulge your pet with our luxurious Spa Package upgrade at Riverview Grooming. This premium addition transforms a regular bath or haircut into a pampering experience by including nail grinding for smooth and well-maintained nails, tooth brushing to support your pet’s oral health, and a paw pad conditioner to keep their paws soft and healthy. Treat your furry friend to the ultimate grooming experience with our Spa Package, ensuring they look and feel their absolute best.

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