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 A cheerful Cavapoo with soft, curly golden fur and soulful eyes, perfectly groomed and sitting against a light blue background, highlights the welcoming environment for new clients at Riverview Grooming in Riverview, Florida, for exceptional dog grooming services.

How To Schedule

  • Select A Service

  • Select A Date

  • Select A Time

  • Enter Your Info

  • Confirm to Schedule

Rules For Booking

  • You must book an appointment for each dog.

  • Paw-pad, sanitary, and under eye trimming can be added to bath.

  • For anymore haircutting, you must book a "Haircut or Maintenance"

  • Families with appointments at different times should arrive at the time of their earliest scheduled appointment.

An account is created when you schedule your first appointment. Returning? Click here to login.

scheduling video
A Pit Bull Terrier, showcasing a friendly demeanor and shiny coat against a purple background. Choose "Riverview Grooming," the premier pet groomer for professional dog grooming.
 A cheerful Shih Tzu with a well-maintained coat poses against a turquoise backdrop. Trust "Riverview Grooming," the leading pet groomer for all your dog grooming needs.
An Australian Shepherd with mismatched eyes and a vibrant smile poses against a blue background. "Riverview Grooming," your trusted dog groomer for quality grooming services.
A Siberian Husky with striking blue eyes and a pristine coat beams with joy against a pink backdrop. "Riverview Grooming," a dog groomer that provides exceptional pet grooming services for all breeds.

Frequently Asked Questions for New Clients

What should I bring to my first grooming appointment?

Text or upload your pet's vaccination records and specific grooming instructions. If your pet has special needs or sensitivities, inform our staff at check-in.


How long does a grooming session typically take?

The duration can vary depending on your pet's coat size, breed, and condition. On average, a grooming session takes about 2-3 hours. We will provide a more accurate estimate when you check-in.


Can I stay with my pet during the grooming session?

For safety and to minimize distractions, we kindly ask that pet parents not stay in the grooming area during the session. We will text you as soon as your pet is ready for pickup.


What are your grooming prices and packages?

Our grooming prices and packages vary based on your pet's size, breed, and specific grooming needs. You can find detailed information on our Prices here. We also offer customized packages tailored to your pet's unique requirements.


Do you offer walk-in services for new clients?

Yes, we do, based on availability for baths and nail services. Learn more about our walk-in services.


Should I wash my dog before bringing them in for grooming?
No, washing your dog before their grooming appointment is unnecessary. Our professional staff will take care of all the necessary washing and cleaning as part of the grooming process.


Do you offer grooming services for cats?

Yes, we offer limited grooming services for cats. Specifically, we provide cat nail trimming and ear cleaning. Unfortunately, we currently do not offer full grooming services for cats. 

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