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Veterinarian at Riverview Grooming's low-cost dog vaccination station with medical supplies and documents on a table.

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Aerial view of a mobile dog vaccination clinic with pets and owners, offered by Riverview Grooming for community health

Low Cost Dog Vaccinations

Riverview Grooming is excited to partner with PetVetCare! While we continue to offer expert grooming, you can now also access PetVetCare's low-cost dog vaccines at our location. Two essential services, one convenient spot for your pet's grooming and health needs.

PetVetCare Mobile Clinic 

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Popular Dog Services

Package One ................... $210

1-year Rabies, DA2PP, Deworm (Hook/Round), Heartworm test, Lyme test, Influenza (H3N8/H3N2), Bordetella, Lyme vaccine, Lepto

Package Five ..................... $85

1-year Rabies, DA2PP, Deworm (Hook/Round)

Puppy Package One .......... $75

DA2PP, Deworm (Hook/Round), Dental Rinse

3yr Rabies Add On .......... $25

You Can Add to Any Package

See the full service menu here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs for low-cost dog vaccinations at your location?

Our partner, PetVetCare, offers vaccinations at affordable rates. For specific pricing, visit their website.


How can I find your location for dog vaccinations and grooming?

We're conveniently located at 7441 US-301 #115, Riverview, FL 33578. You can find us easily for both your grooming and vaccination needs!


Are vaccinations offered at a lower cost compared to other places?

Absolutely! PetVetCare ensures that the vaccinations are priced competitively to be as accessible as possible to all pet owners.

Can I get my pet vaccinated during a grooming appointment?

While grooming and vaccinations are offered at the same location, they are offered separately to ensure the best care for your pet in each service.


How much do the dog vaccines cost at your partnered vet service?

For accurate and up-to-date pricing on dog vaccines, we recommend contacting PetVetCare directly or checking their website.


Are the low-cost vaccinations safe and effective for my pet?

Yes, PetVetCare provides high-quality, safe, and effective vaccinations for dogs at a lower cost, ensuring your pet’s health and well-being.


Do you offer any other low-cost services for pets?

In addition to low-cost vaccinations, we focus on providing affordable and expert grooming services.


How can I schedule a vaccination appointment for my dog?

PetVetCare offers vaccinations at our location for an hour on a first-come, first-serve basis. We recommend arriving early to ensure your pet gets their vaccination.

Why are the vaccinations offered at a cheaper rate?

PetVetCare aims to make essential pet healthcare accessible to more pet owners. Hence, they offer vaccinations at a lower cost without compromising quality.

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