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Do Aussiedoodles Shed? Insider Insights from a Dog Groomer on Their Coats

Are you mesmerized by the Aussiedoodle's enchanting Aussie allure and Poodle smarts? These adorable dogs are heart-stealers, but a common question often arises: "Do Aussiedoodles shed?" The answer? It's a bit complex! As a seasoned dog groomer, I've worked with various breeds, and Aussiedoodles present an interesting case. Their coat, a blend of Australian Shepherd and Poodle characteristics, can vary. Some Aussiedoodles shed minimally, thanks to their Poodle lineage, while others may shed more, reflecting their Aussie heritage. This article dives into the heart of Aussiedoodle grooming - from understanding their unique coats to mastering the art of grooming for minimal shedding. Whether you're dreaming of bringing an Aussiedoodle into your life or seeking ways to enhance the care of your furry pal, stay tuned! We're about to explore the fascinating world of the Aussiedoodle's coat, offering insights and practical grooming tips that cater to this unique breed.


Basking in the serene beauty of an outdoor setting, an Aussiedoodle shows off its lush coat that thrives with proper grooming, indicating minimal shedding even in the freedom of the outdoors.

🐾 Understanding the Aussiedoodle Coat: A Groomer's Perspective on Shedding

Aussiedoodles' coats are as unique as their personalities. This hybrid, a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle, inherits a coat that's as varied as beautiful. But what does this mean for shedding? Let’s look at the different types of Aussiedoodle coats and how they impact shedding patterns.

Coat Types and Their Shedding Traits

Aussiedoodles can have one of three main types of coats: straight (like an Australian Shepherd), wavy, or curly (more akin to a Poodle). Each type has its shedding tendencies:

  1. Straight Coats: These coats are more like that of an Australian Shepherd. They are prone to shedding, especially during seasonal changes. Regular brushing is essential to manage loose fur.

  2. Wavy Coats: A mix of Poodle and Aussie traits, wavy coats are a moderate shedding option. They offer a balance, shedding less than straight coats but more than curly ones.

  3. Curly Coats: Curly coats reflect their Poodle heritage and are known for minimal shedding. Their tight curls trap shed hairs, reducing the amount of fur around your home.

A brown Aussiedoodle relaxes in the lush green grass, surrounded by a burst of garden flowers, its well-maintained coat showing little evidence of shedding.

The Role of Genetics

It’s important to remember that genetics significantly affect your dog’s coat type. An Aussiedoodle’s shedding pattern can be somewhat predicted by looking at their parents' coats. However, surprises are always possible with mixed breeds.

In the following sections, we’ll explore how to care for each coat type and the best grooming practices to manage shedding effectively, ensuring your Aussiedoodle looks great and feels comfortable. Stay tuned as we continue to demystify the grooming needs of these lovable dogs!


A well-groomed Aussiedoodle lies contentedly on a living room rug, embodying the comfort and cleanliness of a low-shedding companion in a home environment.

🐾 Tackling Shedding Head-On: Grooming Tips for Aussiedoodles

Now that we’ve dived into the various coat types of Aussiedoodles and their shedding tendencies let's focus on effective grooming strategies. Proper grooming is crucial, not just for managing shedding but also for maintaining the overall health and happiness of your Aussiedoodle. Here, I’ll share some tried-and-tested grooming tips that cater to the unique needs of this breed.

Essential Grooming Practices

  1. Regular Brushing: Brushing is the cornerstone of grooming for Aussiedoodles. Use a slicker brush to detangle and gently remove loose hair for curly and wavy coats. Straight coats may require a different approach, such as a bristle brush. Aim for brushing at least 2-3 times a week, but daily brushing during shedding seasons is ideal.

  2. Bathing Routines: Overbathing can strip natural oils from their skin, so aim for a bath every 4-6 weeks or as needed. Always use a dog-specific shampoo and conditioner to maintain coat health.

  3. Ear and Eye Care: Regularly check and clean their ears, especially for Aussiedoodles with long, floppy ears. Also, keep the hair around their eyes trimmed to avoid irritation.

Special Attention to Coat Types

  • Curly Coats: These require frequent brushing to prevent matting. A detangling spray can be helpful during grooming sessions.

  • Wavy Coats: This type needs a balanced approach. Too little grooming leads to tangles, while too much can frizz their wavy texture.

  • Straight Coats: Focus on removing loose hair and debris, as these coats gather more dirt.

Professional Grooming: When to Consider

While regular home grooming is essential, don’t underestimate the value of professional grooming services. They can expertly handle deep matting, style the coat beautifully, and provide tips tailored to your dog’s needs.

A relaxed Aussiedoodle lounges on a sofa, its coat a mix of chocolate and cream curls that effortlessly embody the breed's minimal shedding qualities.

Health Benefits Beyond Beauty

Grooming is more than just about aesthetics. It's an opportunity to check for skin issues, parasites, or unusual lumps. These regular check-ins keep your Aussiedoodle looking their best and staying healthy, too.

In the next section, we'll explore specific grooming tools that work wonders on Aussiedoodle coats, making your grooming routine efficient and enjoyable. Keep reading to discover the must-have tools for every Aussiedoodle owner!


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🐾 The Groomer's Toolbox: Essential Tools for Aussiedoodle Grooming

Equipping yourself with the right grooming tools is half the battle won in maintaining your Aussiedoodle's coat. Each tool serves a specific purpose, designed to cater to the unique needs of your dog's fur. In this section, let's uncover the essential tools that should be part of your Aussiedoodle's grooming kit. These recommendations are based on their effectiveness, ease of use, and how well they cater to the different coat types of Aussiedoodles.

Must-Have Grooming Tools for Aussiedoodles

We Love Doodles Dog Slicker Brush for Grooming Pet Hair - Best Brushes For Poodle & Golden Doodle - Long Haired Brush For Dogs - Goldendoodle Long Pin Brush For Dematting (Large)

Slicker Brush: The Perfect Tool for Wavy and Curly Coats - As a professional dog groomer, I can't recommend the slicker brush enough to manage breeds' unique coats like Aussiedoodles. Its fine, short wires are expertly designed to gently reach the undercoat, effectively detangling fur and removing mats without causing discomfort. From my experience, the key is to use light, flowing strokes, following the direction of the hair growth. This method keeps the coat smooth and tangle-free, stimulating the skin and promoting healthy oil distribution for a shiny and healthy coat. Regular use of a slicker brush, especially after baths or during high-shedding seasons, can significantly reduce matting and make your grooming sessions more enjoyable and less time-consuming.

Metal Dog Grooming Comb | Removes Tangles & Matts | Dematting Pet Combs | Detangler For Matted Hair | Best Comb For Poodles, Goldendoodles, Doodles & Long Haired Dogs (2 PACK) [We Love Doodles]

Detangling Comb: A Gentle Giant for Curly Coats - I find a detangling comb an invaluable tool for those intricate mats and tangles in curly coats. Its design, featuring rounded ends, is tailored to glide through longer curls without irritating your dog’s skin. This comb excels in gently teasing out knots, a must-have for maintaining the lush, flowing locks of breeds like the Aussiedoodle. When using it, start at the tips and delicately work towards the base of the fur, allowing the comb to untangle smoothly without causing any discomfort. It’s a gentler approach that preserves the integrity of their beautiful coat and turns grooming into a soothing experience for your pet.

Poodoodle Pain-Free Dematting Comb Kit for Dogs & Cats, Dematting Rake & Detangling Dual-Side Comb Set, Dematting Brush for Dogs & Cats, Pet...

Detangling Comb: Your Ally Against Mats in Curly Coats - When dealing with curly coats, a de-matting comb is more than just a tool; it’s your best ally. Designed to tackle the challenging mats and tangles that curly coats are prone to, this comb works efficiently to restore smoothness and order to your dog’s fur. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to gently but firmly untangle, making it crucial to maintaining a healthy, mat-free coat for breeds like Aussiedoodles. Incorporating this tool into your regular grooming routine ensures your furry friend's curls remain beautiful and easy to manage while providing a comfortable grooming experience.

USDA Organic Dog Shampoo, Conditioner & Detangler - Best Shampoo for Goldendoodles, Poodles & Doodles - For Matted Pet Hair - Sensitive Skin Shampoo for Puppies - Made In The USA, 16OZ (Ocean Breeze)

Shampoo and Conditioner Tailored for Dogs: Selecting the right shampoo and conditioner is pivotal in dog grooming, especially for breeds with diverse coat types like Aussiedoodles. Opt for formulas specifically made for dogs, matching the unique needs of their fur - whether it's infusing moisture into curly locks or enhancing the luster of straighter strands. These specialized products clean and condition and respect the natural pH balance of your dog's skin, ensuring their coat stays healthy, shiny, and manageable. Regular use of the right canine-specific grooming products can make a difference in maintaining your pet's coat's natural beauty and health.

Tips for Using These Tools

  • Brushing Technique: Always brush in the direction of hair growth. For curly coats, start at the ends of the hair and gently work your way to the skin to avoid pulling and discomfort.

  • Regular Maintenance: Even between professional grooming appointments, regular maintenance like brushing and ear cleaning is crucial.

With eyes reflecting a world of curiosity, a multicolored Aussiedoodle puppy looks up, its fur soft and plush, the early signs of a coat that will likely require minimal grooming and shed little.

Creating a Positive Grooming Experience

  • Start Young: Introduce grooming to your Aussiedoodle early to make it a routine part of their life.

  • Positive Reinforcement: Use treats and praise to create a positive association with grooming.

  • Patience is Key: Take breaks if your dog becomes restless. Keeping grooming sessions short and enjoyable is better than forcing them through a long session.

Equipped with the right tools and knowledge, grooming your Aussiedoodle becomes a bonding experience that keeps them looking and feeling their best. Our final section will discuss adapting your grooming routine throughout the changing seasons, ensuring your Aussiedoodle's coat stays healthy all year round. Stay tuned for more expert grooming insights!


🐾 Seasonal Coat Care: Adapting Grooming for Changing Weather

As the seasons change, so do your Aussiedoodle's grooming needs. Their coat, which serves as a natural insulator, reacts differently to seasonal shifts, and understanding this can help you adapt your grooming routine effectively. Let's explore how you can provide optimal coat care for your Aussiedoodle throughout the year.

Capturing the spirit of fall, an Aussiedoodle stands among a blaze of autumn leaves, its curly fur mingling with the rich colors, highlighting the low-shedding nature of the breed.

Spring and Fall: The Shedding Seasons

During these transitional seasons, Aussiedoodles undergo a significant increase in shedding as their bodies prepare for the upcoming weather changes. As a groomer, I recommend adapting your grooming regimen to meet this challenge. Increase the frequency of brushing to daily sessions during these periods to manage the excess shedding effectively. This helps remove the loose undercoat and stimulates the skin, promoting healthier coat growth. Consider a de-shedding tool or undercoat rake to capture the more abundant shed fur efficiently. Keeping up with this seasonal uptick in grooming maintains your dog’s coat health and significantly reduces the amount of loose fur around your home. Remember, consistent and attentive grooming during these peak shedding seasons is key to keeping your Aussiedoodle looking and feeling great.

  • Increased Brushing: This is the time to ramp up your brushing routine. Daily brushing helps manage the increased shedding and keeps their coat healthy.

  • Undercoat Rake: Use an undercoat rake more frequently to remove loose undercoat fur during these seasons.

  • Bathing: A good bath can help loosen dead fur. Follow up with a thorough brushing session to remove shed hair.

Lying in a spring meadow, an Aussiedoodle enjoys the warmth, its curly fur nestled amongst yellow daisies, a testament to its hypoallergenic and shed-resistant qualities.

Summer Care for Aussiedoodles: Staying Cool and Comfy - In the heat of summer, the well-being of your Aussiedoodle hinges on keeping them cool and comfortable. As a seasoned groomer, I suggest adjusting their grooming routine to suit the warmer climate. This might include a shorter haircut to help them stay cool, especially if they have a denser coat. Beyond grooming, ensure they have plenty of shade and water during hot days, and consider scheduling walks during cooler hours. Regular brushing removes loose fur and increases air circulation within their coat. In summer, the focus shifts from heavy grooming to maintaining a coat that supports your dog’s natural ability to regulate their temperature.

  • Trimming: Consider a shorter haircut to help your dog stay calm, especially if they have a denser coat.

  • Protection from the Sun: Be mindful of sun exposure, particularly for dogs with lighter-colored coats or thinner fur on specific body parts.

  • Hydration and Shade: Ensure they can access plenty of water and shaded areas during hot days.

An Aussiedoodle puppy gazes out from a snow-covered landscape, its fur lightly dusted with snowflakes, demonstrating the breed’s adaptability and low-shedding coat.

Winter Wellness for Aussiedoodles: Protecting Against the Cold - As the temperature dips in winter, the role of your Aussiedoodle’s coat shifts to vital insulation. However, this colder season often brings dry air, leading to skin irritation and a brittle coat. From my grooming experience, I recommend incorporating moisturizing products into your dog’s grooming routine to combat these issues. Look for shampoos and conditioners formulated to hydrate both skin and fur. Also, consider reducing the frequency of baths to preserve the natural oils that protect their skin and coat. Also, pay special attention to paw care; protective balms can prevent cracking in cold weather. Keeping their nails trimmed is also crucial to ensure comfortable and safe walks on potentially icy surfaces. This winter, thoughtful grooming care can significantly affect your Aussiedoodle's comfort and coat health.

  • Moisturizing Products: Use shampoos and conditioners that add moisture to prevent dry skin.

  • Less Frequent Baths: Cut down on bathing frequency to avoid stripping natural oils from their coat.

  • Paw Care: Pay attention to their paws. Use protective balms to prevent cracking in the cold weather and keep their nails trimmed.

Year-Round Grooming Tips

  • Regular Health Checks: Use grooming time to check for any unusual lumps, bumps, or signs of skin issues.

  • Professional Grooming: Seasonal changes might require professional grooming services for a complete and thorough care routine.

  • Adapting Tools: Adjust the grooming tools you use based on the coat changes your Aussiedoodle undergoes during different seasons.

Understanding and adapting to your Aussiedoodle’s grooming needs throughout the year ensures their coat remains a source of comfort and health regardless of the weather. Regular grooming keeps your Aussie doodle looking great and is crucial to their well-being. With these tips in mind, you’re all set to keep your furry friend happy and healthy through every season!


A gray Aussiedoodle sits amid fallen autumn leaves, its coat a perfect blend of form and function, showing minimal signs of shedding.

🐾 Conclusion: The Enduring Bond Through Grooming

As we conclude our comprehensive guide on Aussiedoodle grooming, it’s clear that grooming is much more than a routine—it’s an integral part of your Aussiedoodle's life and a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your bond. Proper grooming ensures that your Aussiedoodle looks their best and is crucial to their overall health and well-being.

Embracing the Grooming Journey

Remember, each brush, trim, and bath stroke is not just maintenance; it's an act of care that enhances the quality of life for your furry companion. Grooming is an opportunity for bonding, allowing you to connect with your Aussiedoodle in a nurturing and loving way.

The Joy of a Well-Groomed Aussiedoodle

A well-groomed Aussiedoodle is a happy and healthy one. Their shiny, mat-free coat adds to their aesthetic appeal and speaks volumes about your dedication as a pet owner. The pride and joy you feel when you see your Aussiedoodle prancing confidently and comfortably are unmatched.

A Lifetime of Learning and Love

Grooming is a journey of learning. Each Aussiedoodle is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. Be patient, observe, and adapt to find the routine that suits you and your pet. Your effort in grooming your Aussiedoodle reflects your love and commitment to its care.

Parting Thoughts

As you embark on or continue your grooming journey with your Aussiedoodle, remember that each moment spent caring for them strengthens your bond. Remember these tips and techniques; you’ll find grooming a rewarding experience you both look forward to.

Thank you for joining me in exploring the world of Aussiedoodle grooming. May your days be filled with the joy and satisfaction of nurturing a healthy, happy, and well-groomed companion. Remember, at Riverview Grooming, we’re always here to help with advice, services, and support. Happy grooming!

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