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Meet Your Local Experts at Riverview Grooming Riverview FL: A Team You Can Trust

An adorable Shih Tzu with a stylish teddy bear haircut, boasting warm caramel-colored fur and deep, soulful eyes, poses after a grooming session at Riverview Grooming Riverview FL.

At Riverview Grooming in Riverview, FL, our commitment goes beyond just grooming; we're dedicated to the well-being and happiness of each pet that walks through our doors. With a passionate team and a wide array of services tailored to meet the unique needs of your dogs, we ensure a comforting and professional grooming experience. Our approach combines state-of-the-art grooming techniques with heartfelt care, reflecting our deep-rooted passion for enhancing the lives of pets and their owners in the Riverview community.


A radiant Pomeranian with a fluffy, golden coat and an adorable, inquisitive face, looking fresh and pampered thanks to Riverview Grooming Riverview FL.

Comprehensive Care for Every Dog

  • Tailored Grooming Sessions: We understand dogs have unique needs, so we offer customized grooming sessions. Whether it’s a breed-specific cut, a luxurious bath, or a simple nail trim, our services are designed to suit your pet's specific requirements, ensuring they leave looking great and feeling happy.

  • Health and Hygiene: Health is as important as appearance. Our grooming services also focus on your pet's overall health. From skincare to ear cleaning and dental hygiene, we provide comprehensive care that makes your pet look good and supports its health and well-being.

  • Seasonal and Specialized Care: Riverview's climate can challenge your pet's coat and skin. We offer seasonal grooming services to address these needs, ensuring your pet is comfortable regardless of the weather. Additionally, our specialized services cater to puppies, senior dogs, and those with special health needs, providing gentle and appropriate care.


A well-groomed Shih Tzu with a cute teddy bear haircut, displaying its pampered fur and warm, inviting eyes after visiting Riverview Grooming Riverview FL.

A Day in the Life at Riverview Grooming: Dedicated Care for Riverview's Pets

Every day is an opportunity to show our dedication to the pets and their owners who trust us with their care. Here's a closer look at what happens when you and your furry friend walk through our doors.

  • Morning Preparation: Our day begins with the grooming area's setup, ensuring a clean and organized space. All tools are sterilized, and stations are prepared with fresh towels and grooming products. We ensure everything is in place to provide a seamless and efficient grooming experience.

  • Welcoming Our Clients: As pets arrive, we spend time with each owner, discussing their pet’s specific needs and any concerns they might have. This personalized attention helps us tailor our services to each pet, ensuring they receive the best care suited to their temperament and health requirements.

  • The Grooming Process: Each grooming session is handled with utmost care. For new clients, we gently introduce ourselves to the pets to make them comfortable with us. Throughout grooming, from bathing to drying and styling, we maintain a calm and soothing environment to keep the pets relaxed. Our groomers are trained to handle various breeds and coat types, applying the best techniques to achieve a perfect look while prioritizing the animal’s comfort.

  • Safety First: Safety is our top priority. We use only pet-safe products and up-to-date equipment to ensure that every pet is groomed without any risk of injury. Our facility adheres to the highest cleanliness and safety standards, giving pet owners peace of mind.

  • Post-Grooming Care: After grooming, we provide owners with detailed aftercare instructions tailored to their pet’s grooming service. We offer advice on maintaining their pet’s coat, tips on brushing, and recommendations for any products that can help keep their pets looking their best until their next visit.

  • Feedback and Follow-Up: We value the feedback we receive from our clients and encourage them to share their thoughts on the grooming experience. This feedback is crucial for us to improve our services continually. We also follow up with clients to ensure their pets are doing well post-grooming and to address any subsequent concerns they might have.


An exuberant Beagle with bright, attentive eyes and a glossy tricolor coat, posing happily following a grooming appointment at Riverview Grooming Riverview FL.

Comprehensive Grooming Services at Riverview Grooming

Tailored to Every Pet's Needs

Every pet is unique, with its own needs and preferences. That’s why we offer a wide range of grooming services to cater to each pet's requirements. Here’s a detailed look at our various grooming services and how we ensure each pet receives the best possible care.

  • Bathing and Cleaning: Our bathing services are more than just a wash; they’re a spa treatment for your pet. We use premium shampoos and conditioners specially formulated to be gentle on your pet’s skin while effectively cleaning its coat. Whether your pet needs a simple wash or a medicated bath for skin issues, we have the expertise to handle it with care.

  • Haircuts and Styling: Our skilled groomers are equipped to provide your pet with the perfect haircut, from standard trims to breed-specific styles. We stay up-to-date with the latest grooming trends and techniques to ensure your pet’s look is both stylish and practical.

  • Nail Trimming: Regular nail trimming is essential for your pet's health and comfort. Our groomers are trained to trim nails to the appropriate length, preventing discomfort from overgrown nails. We handle each pet with care to ensure this process is stress-free.

  • Ear Cleaning: Ear cleaning is a critical aspect of pet grooming that can prevent infections and complications. We carefully clean your pet’s ears, removing buildup and checking for signs of infection or irritation.

  • Specialty Services: We also offer various specialty services designed to address the specific needs of different pets, including de-shedding treatments, dental care, and hypoallergenic grooming options. These services are particularly beneficial for pets with specific health concerns or allergies.

  • Custom Packages: We offer customizable grooming packages because pet owners have diverse needs. You can choose a combination of services that best fits your pet’s requirements, ensuring they get what they need every time they visit us.

Our goal at Riverview Grooming is to provide a comprehensive grooming experience that enhances your pet’s appearance and health. By offering a wide range of services and tailoring each visit to your pet’s needs, we ensure that every pet leaves our facility looking and feeling their best.


A cheerful Siberian Husky with piercing blue eyes and a lustrous grey and white coat, looking up with a joyful expression after a grooming session at Riverview Grooming Riverview FL.

Happy Clients Share Their Experiences at Riverview Grooming in Riverview, FL

Our customers often tell us how much they appreciate our care at Riverview Grooming. Here are some extended testimonials that reflect the satisfaction and joy experienced by pet owners who choose us for their grooming needs:

Anita Rosario "Una gran experiencia! Mi bebé quedó bella y sus uñas bien hechas, y muy olorosa. Lo recomiendo al 💯."

Jan Fulghum "They always do a great job with our puppy!"

Emily M. "Great service, affordable prices, happy dog! Seriously, look how happy my baby is after I picked him up. He looks great, smells great, and his nails have a great shorter length."

Donna Bognanno "I wanted to find a local, small business to support and that would also treat my baby nicely and professionally. I have visited twice and each time I am very happy with the results. The staff is very friendly."

Local Guide "Great experience, staff was very professional and our pup rolled over to allow a belly rub when we arrived. Cooper smelled so nice and cut was as we requested. Nice spa day for our pup. We will definitely be back 🐾🐾"

Liz R "They are very good! They are sweet & caring with the pets! My Labrador came out of his grooming appointment tail wagging & Happy! We will definitely continue to use their services!"

Denise Hayden "Took both of my babies here and the experience was excellent! They smelled so good after and looked a hundred times better."

Joanna Develasco "Not only are they reasonably priced and have walk-in availability, but the groomers are wonderful. I brought my three-year-old pup in for a nail grind and he had broken a dew claw a few days prior, they went above and beyond to help him."

These reviews illustrate our clients' trust and satisfaction, reinforcing our commitment to providing top-quality grooming services with a personal touch at Riverview Grooming in Riverview, FL.


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