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Shih Tzu Haircuts: Low Maintenance Styles for Busy Owners

Keep your Shih Tzu looking fabulous with minimal fuss, or dare to dazzle with lavish Show and Lion Cuts," suggests our expert groomer. "Dive into this article for insider grooming tips that will elevate your Shih Tzu's style, whether you prefer simplicity or extravagance.

Mastering Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Your Furry Friend

Hey there, fellow Shih Tzu lovers! As a groomer who's snipped and clipped countless fluffy friends, I've seen the struggle: you want your pup to be the star of the dog park (and maybe even Instagram), but who has the time for those high-maintenance hairdos? Fear not! I'm here to spill the beans on fabulous, low-fuss haircuts that will keep your Shih Tzu looking snazzy without wasting your precious time. From the neat and sweet "All Over Haircut" to the playful "Puppy Cut" perfect for your little rascal, we'll cover styles that are as easy to maintain as they are adorable. So, grab your pup, and let's dive into stress-free, stylish Shih Tzu grooming! 🐾✂️


A charming Shih Tzu poses with a classic Puppy Cut, a testament to Riverview Grooming's expertise in delivering stylish, low-maintenance haircuts for this beloved breed.

The Real Deal on the Puppy Cut – A Starter Style for Puppies

Let me set the record straight: the Puppy Cut isn’t your one-size-fits-all haircut. It's specifically crafted for the little pups. This beginner style gently introduces your young Shih Tzu to the grooming world. It’s a light trim that eases them into the process, keeping their coat manageable and tangle-free but not too drastically short. It’s like the first baby steps into the fabulous canine fashion world.

For the Puppy Cut, think less is more. It’s about easing your pup into grooming. Keep it simple and short to avoid tangles, and introduce a gentle brushing routine to make future grooming a breeze. - Riverview Grooming

Why It’s Perfect for Puppies:

  • Gentle Introduction: It’s a soft start to regular grooming, helping puppies get used to the sensation.

  • Easy on the Skin: Light trimming means less stress on sensitive puppy skin.

  • Setting the Stage: It prepares them for more stylish cuts as they grow up.

Remember, when your fur baby is ready to graduate from their puppy days, you might want to ask your groomer for the "All Over Haircut" for a more adult yet still low-maintenance style. Stay tuned as we delve into that next! 🐾🌟


This Shih Tzu, groomed at Riverview Grooming, flaunts an All Over Haircut, combining the breezy Florida vibe with the practical needs of the breed.

The All Over Haircut

I love the All Over Haircut for its sheer practicality. It’s a breeze to maintain. Just run a brush through their coat a couple of times a week, and they stay looking neat and tidy.

You're probably picturing this cut when you think of a Shih Tzu haircut. The All-over Haircut is what most pet parents are looking for when they say "Puppy Cut," but for adult dogs. It's a uniform trim all around, keeping the hair at a manageable length that's easy to care for yet still shows off your pup's natural beauty. It's the ideal mix of practicality and cuteness—a true crowd-pleaser!

Why It's a Hit with Owners:

  • Uniform Length: The coat is trimmed to the same length, making it easy to brush and maintain.

  • Season-Proof: Adaptable for hot and cold weather, keeping your furry friend comfortable year-round.

  • Versatile Style: It looks great on Shih Tzus of all shapes and sizes, bringing out their playful personality.

When booking your next grooming appointment, and you want a straightforward yet stylish style, ask for the "All Over Haircut." It’s the real deal for busy pet parents who want their Shih Tzus to look fab without the fuss. 🌟🐕💇‍♂️

The expert touch of Riverview Grooming is evident in this Shih Tzu's All Over Haircut, a picture-perfect example of the breed's adaptable and chic haircuts.


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Adorable black and white Shih Tzu sporting a Teddy Bear Cut, featuring a rounded, plush look with slightly longer fur around the face and paws for a charming, youthful appearance.

The Teddy Bear Cut

Ah, the Teddy Bear Cut – it's a favorite but needs a bit of work. Those fluffy faces require regular trimming, and don’t forget to brush around the ears to avoid mats.

Get ready for your Shih Tzu to be the cutest furball in the neighborhood with the Teddy Bear Cut. This style gives your pup a soft, rounded look reminiscent of a plush teddy bear. It involves trimming the body hair to a manageable length while leaving the hair on the face and ears slightly longer, creating that adorable, huggable appearance.

Why It's a Crowd Pleaser:

  • Adorable Appearance: Gives your Shih Tzu a charming, youthful look.

  • Customizable: Can be adjusted in length to suit your dog’s style and maintenance preferences.

  • Face Framing: The longer hair around the face highlights their expressive eyes and smile.

This cut is perfect for those who want their Shih Tzu to sport a look that’s endearing and easy to maintain. Ready to transform your pooch into a walking teddy bear? This cut's for you! 🧸🐶✨


A Shih Tzu with the Lamb Leg style from Riverview Grooming stands out with its contrastingly trimmed body and luxuriously longer leg fur, perfect for Florida's sunny days.

The Lamb Leg Haircut

For the Lamb Leg style, remember, it's playful yet can be tricky. Keep those 'lamb legs' fluffy with extra attention during brushing sessions, and trim the body short for a striking contrast.

This cut combines elegance with a hint of playfulness. This unique style keeps the body hair shorter while leaving the hair on the legs longer, giving the appearance of adorable fluffy 'lamb legs'. It's a wonderful way to showcase your Shih Tzu's luxurious coat with a whimsical yet manageable twist.

Why Owners Love It: